LinearParticle Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
L_ColorColor class
L_DroppingEffectThe simplest among particle effects. It drops a particle on its position each period
L_EffectEmitterEffect emitter can be used to emit multiple effects easily
L_EffectManagerEffect manager is used for easier controlling or managing multiple effects at the same time
L_ExplosionEffectExplosion effect, suitable to be used for explosion, smoking effects
L_MotionControllerMotion controller for complex motions of particle(s)
L_ParticleParticle entity for being attached to ParticleEffect
L_ParticleEffectParticle effect interface
L_ParticleSystemLinearParticle System
L_ShootingEffectParticle effect with constrait degree of emission
L_Vector2D Vector class

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