L_ShootingEffect Class Reference

#include <L_ShootingEffect.h>

Inheritance diagram for L_ShootingEffect:

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Detailed Description

Particle effect with constrait degree of emission.

Public Member Functions

 L_ShootingEffect (int x, int y, const L_Vector &shooting_vector_t, int period_t, int particle_per_period_t=1)
 L_ShootingEffect (const L_ShootingEffect &cpy)
void set_shooting_vector (const L_Vector &vector)
void set_shooting_vector (L_REAL magnitude, L_REAL radian)
void set_particle_per_period (int num)
void set_angle_interval (L_REAL radian)
void set_width_interval (int width)
void set_speed_distortion (L_REAL speed_dis_t)
L_Vector get_shooting_vector (void)
virtual L_ParticleEffectnew_clone (void)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

L_ShootingEffect int  x,
int  y,
const L_Vector shooting_vector_t,
int  period_t,
int  particle_per_period_t = 1

shooting_vector_t : shooting direction and magnitude
period_t : time(milisec) for next shooting
particle_per_period_t : number of particles for a period

L_ShootingEffect const L_ShootingEffect cpy  ) 

Copy contructor

Member Function Documentation

void set_shooting_vector const L_Vector vector  ) 

Set shooting vector.

void set_shooting_vector L_REAL  magnitude,
L_REAL  radian

Set shooting vector by using magnitude and radian.

void set_particle_per_period int  num  ) 

Set number of particles to be emitted for a period.

void set_angle_interval L_REAL  radian  ) 

Set field of shooting, set 0 value(default value) to have beam emission.

void set_width_interval int  width  ) 

Set width of the emission line, if width is 0(default value), particles emitted from a point.

void set_speed_distortion L_REAL  speed_dis_t  ) 

Set speed distortion to particles. The larger "speed_dis_t", the greater speed difference to be applied for each particle.

L_Vector get_shooting_vector void   ) 

Get current shooting vector.

virtual L_ParticleEffect* new_clone void   )  [virtual]

Create a clone this particle effect.

Implements L_ParticleEffect.

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