L_MotionController Class Reference

#include <L_MotionController.h>

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Detailed Description

Motion controller for complex motions of particle(s).

Public Member Functions

void set_1d_acceleration (L_REAL acce)
void set_2d_acceleration (const L_Vector &vector)
void set_point_acceleration (L_REAL x_pos, L_REAL y_pos, L_REAL magnitude)
void set_speed_limit (L_REAL max_speed)


class L_Particle

Member Function Documentation

void set_1d_acceleration L_REAL  acce  ) 

Set 1D accleration for particle(s), negative value for deceleration.
Note : The change of 1d acceleration only affects new particles.

void set_2d_acceleration const L_Vector vector  ) 

Set 2D accleration for particle(s).

void set_point_acceleration L_REAL  x_pos,
L_REAL  y_pos,
L_REAL  magnitude

Set point of gravity to attract particle(s).
Note : For time based system, manual sub-stepping is required in order to run precisely when this gravitation point acceleration is used (refer to cmotion example).

void set_speed_limit L_REAL  max_speed  ) 

Set maximum speed limit for particle(s).

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